Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Three years and 501 posts of totally pointless -- and unprofessional -- opinion writing.

Gosh, this blog's 3rd anniversary just passed 6 days ago and I didn't even notice (I began this blog on July 4, 2004). This is also my 502nd post at this blog, which is something, I guess. Not to say every post has been exactly monumental in its impact on the blogosphere. Still, 502 posts is nothing to sneeze at. Add to that the 477 posts at Let's Talk About Democracy and you're starting to talk about running up some posting numbers on the many issues, which led up to our current predicament in the world.

But what does it all mater, right? No one cares about opinion writing, just ask those professionial media types. All bloggers are parsites. We take the hard work of real journalists and leech off it because, not only are we all lazy, but we're also crazy. (Well, that goes for the right wing bloggers anyway!)

All of us who are concerned about the way things are going in this country and around the world should just shut up. Either get a journalism degree and get a real job in a corporate media operation, like all the muckrackers of the Gilded Age and the Progessive era did (and pampleteers like Thomas Paine did, too), or leave it to the professionals.

I'm going back to blogging into the ether now, so attention all professional journalists: keep producing all that great material for me to use. We couldn't do it without you all!


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