Monday, August 20, 2007

Earthlink Sucks: Part II

Here is an addendum to my previous post about Earthlink and how much they suck.

As some of you might know, the new Wireless Philadelphia project is on the verge of expanding the "city’s leadership position in using wireless technology to meet our people’s needs and to enhance the city’s services, visitor experience and business environment," according to Mayor John Street.

The only problem is that the people of Philadelphia are paying $10 million for a crappy ass system that doesn't work outside of Center City. But who care about that, right? Who the hell is going to be able to afford a laptop in West Philly or Port Richmond? And if they complain, no one is going to listen anyway.

In any case, yet another one of my firends tried and canceled their Earthlink contract, mere moments after discovering it didn't work. And, as in my case, they took money out of their bank account, that they weren't supossed to, and kept her on the phone for three hours giving her the run-around trying to wear her down. Besides providing the shittiest ustomer service in the history of mankind, they also add insult to injury by lying their their asses off.

So, anyway, the point of this tirade is, this friend of mine told me she has a friend at WHYY, the local public radio station, who did a story on Philly's Earthlink experience and tried to get it on NPR, but they rejected it on the basis of lack of lack of 'balance.' It seems he just couldn't find anyone to say anything positive to say about Earthlink. That's not good enough for NPR though.

The next time NPR does a story on the Holocaust, they'd better provide balance by presenting the other side. I mean, there were 40 million Germans who thought Hitler was the bee's knees. And what about cancer? There are some good things cancer has done, what about that NPR? God, they're so biased!


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