Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A little comedy from Defense Link

Defense Link reports:

"WASHINGTON, Aug. 15, 2007 – The Iraqi government’s automated biometrics identification system -- used to screen civilian workers, police and soldiers, as well as to catch criminals -- is a “tremendous success,” a U.S. military officer said in Baghdad today. . . Army Lt. Col. John W. Velliquette Jr., who runs the fingerprint and retina scanning center located at the International Zone in Baghdad . . . [says] official identification cards carried by the Iraqi police demonstrate they’ve been vetted through the biometric identification program . . . Iraqi police who are found not to possess a proper biometrics identification card are relieved of their weapons, he said. 'The Iraqi people need to have confidence in their police,' Velliquette pointed out."

April 12 2007

"A suicide bomber on Thursday killed at least eight people, including two lawmakers, at the Iraqi parliament in the heavily protected Green Zone in Baghdad." [PBS]


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