Friday, October 26, 2007

Hillary has got ones made of brass, you can trust her to do the right thing in Iran. After it's too late.

Reuters reports:

"The United States slapped new sanctions on Iran and accused its Revolutionary Guard of spreading weapons of mass destruction on Thursday . . . Also labeling Iran's Qods military force a supporter of terrorism, Washington imposed sanctions on more than 20 Iranian companies, banks and individuals as well as the defense ministry, hoping to increase pressure on Tehran to stop uranium enrichment and curb its 'terrorist' activities. "

Well, he's gone and one it. W. is on a mission and he's a man of conviction: As he told the American legionaries:

"Iran's actions threaten the security of nations everywhere. And that is why the United States is rallying friends and allies around the world to isolate the regime, to impose economic sanctions. We will confront this danger before it is too late."

The Senate resolution Hillary is so proud of voting for, designating the Guards a terrorist organization, has given W. the go-ahead he needed to levy these sanctions against Iran's military. [Which not an act of war at all, right?]

While the rest of us anti-war types and the most of the world are pretty much convinced these sanctions are a precursor to a military strike or, at the very least, a ploy aimed at goading the Iranians into doing something stupid so we can clobber them; to hear Nick Burns tell it, the United States is actually offering an olive branch to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

He claims, "This decision today supports diplomacy, and in no way, shape or form does it anticipate force." Right, you just keep on telling yourself that Nick -- we've been there, done that, and only a fool would buy the snake oil W. & Co. are selling this time around.

Well, a fool or . . . a cynical politician, perhaps?

Hillary, for example, is all for these sanctions. In response the news of the administration’s actions, Hillary said: "We must work to check Iran's nuclear ambitions and its support of terrorism, and the sanctions announced today strengthen America's diplomatic hand in that regard."

How Hillary? How exactly does sanctioning the Iranian military strengthen our diplomatic hand? They've got oil money coming out of their ears, they're not hurting. And the Russians are more than happy to provide anything the Iranian's little hearts could possibly desire. The sanctions aren't going to prevent the Russians from making a buck or two (or a billion) off the next war. Even as we speak, the Russians are rushing as many weapons and as much materiel as the roads can bare down to Tehran in anticipation of the US using force

Hillary isn't stupid, surely she must know the sanctions on the Guards and the Quds are a shot across the bow rather than any type of useful diplomatic tool. When she says W. should use this "opportunity" to engage the Iranians in "robust diplomacy" while, naturally, "also averting military action" she is clearly lying through her teeth.

She's anticipating inheriting a war with Iran after her coronation, so she wants to be able to hit the ground running having already established the fact that she was the most bloodthirsty Democratic candidate going into the war.

While all the other Democrats were wasting their time trying to prevent the coming disaster she was the only "centrist" speaking out about the threat to Israel. Cha-ching.


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