Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shirley Katz needs Dr. Katz: 'Mental-pausal' women and the right to bare arms.

The fear-mongering cynically propagated by this administration to manipulate us into gladly surrendering our democratic patrimony has seeped into every pour of our beings. We're now simply afraid of EVERYTHING. We're afraid of guys with turbans on planes, immigrants, the weather, toys, cat food, toothpaste, you name it -- we've been scared into such a state of paralysis that we can no longer defend ourselves against the relentless authoritarian onslaught of radical Christo-fascists masquerading as "conservatives."

Since 9/11 this country has been gripped by such sheer terror of another 9/11 happening that we've allowed a small cabal of true believers running the executive branch to undermine and dismantle every protection provided to us by the Founding Fathers against our own government. We're all perfectly fine with the executive simply crossing out the 4th, 6th and 8th amendments of the Constitution, all in the name of making sure no one 'hurts' us again like on September 11th 2001.

According to the Economist: "Since the killing of John Kennedy in 1963, more Americans have died by American gunfire than perished on foreign battlefields in the whole of the 20th century," but despite that, there is one constitutional protection we're apparently not willing to part with: the 2nd amendment.

A case in point is English teacher Shirley Katz of Medford, Oregon, who is suing her school to be allowed to bring her own personal 9 mm Glock into her classroom. She claims the constitution guarantees her the right to be able to protect herself from her ex-husband [ever heard of a restraining order Shirley?] or another Columbine-style shooting rampage.

On NPR's All Things Considered last night, Katz even admitted that if she were presented with a situation where a gun wielding 14-year old entered her classroom, she would gun him down. [It's kind of scary to think she's got scenarios like that running through her head.]

Now that's the kind of American can-do moxy we need more of in this country. Mentally ill children are simply more collateral damage when it comes to protecting the right of a well regulated militia to bare arms.

In the perfect idealized world of the gun nuts, where the second amendment is first among equal amendments -- the great barrel of freedom from which all other liberties flow -- every man, woman and child should be allowed to protect themselves anyway they see fit. And if a school teacher thinks that the Almighty has endowed her with the inalienable right to enter any public building packing heat, as she claims, then so be it.

If we deny one teacher the right to bare arms whenever and wherever she feels threatened, we could have the Russians marching down Main Street the next day! Out of my cold dead hands!

Just for fun, let's take Katz's contention, that she's better able to protect children in her school when armed, to its logical conclusion. Just imagine how many children and teachers could have been saved at Columbine if all the teachers had been armed with Glock 9s. Of course, Harris and Klebold had Glock 9s, so the teachers might have been out-gunned. In future, perhaps, every teacher should have 50 caliber machine guns mounted on their desks. (Besides saving lives that would certainly focus the attention of any unruly student.)

As Katz mentioned several times, she's got a permit to carry a concealed weapon, so it naturally follows that she and her Glock 9 are no danger to anyone but to her ex-husband and crazed teens. If she really believes the 2nd amendment protects her absolute right to bare arms, then why even bother to get a permit at all? The very act of going out and getting permit from the government sort of undermines her whole assertion of the unlimited and unregulated right to bare arms, doesn't it? If the government can regulate who can and cannot carry a gun, then that sort of blows the whole anti-gun control argument out of the water, right?

I'd say the very fact that Katz has a permit shows that the government can legislate any type of gun control it wants: Ergo Shirley, you're full of it.

And, seriously, if you're so terrified of the children you teach and you have such a lust for shooting things up, may I suggest changing careers? To me, you seem like a perfect candidate for a job at Blackwater USA. It's a lot more money and they never ask questions when you shoot the wrong person.

Extra note:

Quote of the week.

When asked whether she would carry her gun into class if she wins her suit against the school district Katz says, "The whole point of carrying concealed is no one should know you're carrying. So I feel like my carrying concealed on campus now sets me up as a target." []

Get a bigger gun Shirley, or a good psychiatrist.


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