Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giant's Stadium Gate D for "Dumb." J-E-T-S Suck! Suck! Suck!

After attending numerous meetings between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets at both the Orange Bowl and Dolphin's Stadium, I've known for quite few years that Jet fans are, by far, the biggest bunch of classless knuckleheads in all of football fandumb.

Who else would show up in their main rival's stadium in trash bags when it rains? What other fan would show up at a game initially flashing their favorite player's jersey (usually a player no longer with the team) on the way into the game, yet if the Dolphins go up by 3 points at half time they run into the bathrooms to take off the jersey. [I've actually seen this] The Jet fans are the only ones I've ever seen who show up with two shirts on -- just in case.

Now comes this:

The NYT reports that Richard Codey, president of the New Jersey Senate [Note "New Jersey," not "New York," because that's not where the Jets play] is determined to crack down on Jets fans' unruly behavior at games.

"An article in The New York Times yesterday described how hundreds of male fans on a ramp near Gate D shouted at women to expose their breasts, and then threw plastic beer bottles when they did not.

'It seems like for some Jet fans, that Gate D stands for drunk and disgusting,' Codey said in a telephone interview. He called on the state police and the sports authority to investigate the fans’ behavior — which, according to many fans and some stadium workers, has been a halftime staple at Jets games for years — and to implement steps to ensure that the harassment stops."

So, according to stadium staff throwing beer at women if they don't expose their breasts has been a staple of Jets fan behavior for years.

Very classy.

Not that any of this this will be too much of an issue for the remainder of the season, though, as Jet fans usually abandon their team when they're in the cellar. The police shouldn't have any problem keeping an eye on the 45,000 or so "fans" who show up to see the 2-8 for Jets run out another disappointing season.

By the way, weren't the Jets on their way this year? Wasn't that the buzz? What happened with that anyway?

Oh well, Jet fans, time to start pretending you were a Giants fan all along. Of course, what they don't understand is that most folks who are not Jet fans can pick one of them out in an instant by their tell-tale uni-brows.

Want to make a bet on how many Gang Green fans show up for the Patriots?

Game prediction:

Patriots 72
Jets 3


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