Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mormonism might be a good alternative to Ron Paul.

Continued from previous post:

If someone was living next door to me who I thought had a weapon of mass destruction, I wouldn't bother with some legalistic technicality like a warrant. I'd bust down the door, kill 'em all and let God sort them out later. That's the kind of president I want! Once Kiefer Sutherland get's out of jail is there anyway he could still enter the race?

Or maybe Chuck Norris would have a better chance of winning. I know he's supporting Mike Huckabee, right now, but I'm betting the Huckster will implode soon enough. Once all the stuff about his tobacco money and his dog hanging son starts to hit the fan, he's sure to loose his cool and show everyone what a real vindictive SOB he is. That'll be it for the so-called "Huckabouble."

If you're a LaRouchie lovin' Paul supporter, you might want to look into Mitt Romney. He's waging a religious war with Huckabee at the moment, but I should think -- Romney's protestations that he believes in Jesus to the contrary -- that the Mormon religion's dogma about Mormon males being descendant from space aliens who might one day become Gods might be an attractive alternative for all you whackos out there in cyberspace.

It might a little much for the fundamentalist Christians that he and the Huckster are pandering to, but you might find a new home in Mormonism. It's something to consider.


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