Monday, January 14, 2008

The Freedom Agenda, makes another appearance, soon to be forgotten.

The LA Times reports that yesterday during his visit to our good firends the UAE he spoke to "an audience of government officials, business executives, academics and students assembled by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, a think tank," about the danger of Iran.

Bush, after dispensing with the usual boiler plate, calling Iran the "world's leading state sponsor of terror," he did a slight reprise of his ""freedom agenda" declaring a "new era" for countries from Morroc to Pakistan "founded on the equality of all people before God." He didn't say which God, I guess you can leave that up to your imagination.

This new era, W. said, should be built "with the understanding that power is a trust that must be exercised with the consent of the governed - and deliver equal justice under the law."

Right, like in Egypt, where his buddy Hosni Mubarak has Ayman Nour under lock and key with hardly a peep out of W.'s administration. Or our good firends the Kuwaiti royal family. After going to all that trouble to restore all that oil to them you'd think they would have at least made some sort of pretence of becoming democratic, but no go.

And the Saudis, who W. is visiting right now, what about them? While he's siging them up for several billions of American tax payer dollars worth of weapons, including guided missile systems, how about taking in one of the festivities at one of their infamous chop shops? Too bad W. didn't arrive on a Friday!

FOX reported:

"After dropping to 38 last year, the figure [for beheadings in Saudi Arabai] for 2007 is already at least 102, including three women, according to Amnesty International. Beheading has always been the punishment meted out to murderers, rapists, drug traffickers and armed robbers in Saudis Arabia. . . Saudi authorities, facing sustained criticism from foreign human rights groups, insist they are simply enforcing God's law."

Oh, that's the God who deliver's equal justice to all.


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