Saturday, January 19, 2008

Real ID: fighting it in Pennsylvania!

I've had quite a lot of positive reaction to my letter published in the Inquirer yesterday regarding the Real ID scam.

One e-mail I received had a lot of information about a move in the Pennsylvania legislature to block implementation of DHS's latest boondoggle and I'd like to pass it along.

An admirer of my letter writes:

"Sam Rohrer, (R) 128th district-PA, has been WAY out front on this topic, even publishing a 4 page glossy newsletter informing his constituents of its imminent danger. He is co-sponsoring legislation in the PA House that will have PA opt out of the federal Real ID mandates. He needs supporters. I would encourage you to email him at They are forming an alliance of conservative repubs and dems along with the ACLU to block the implementation of this act. Yes, the ACLU and conservatives have formed an alliance!

As a side, the PA Dept of Transportation has been using 24 bit digital cameras since October 2006 for collecting images to be used on driver’s licenses. It has now come to light that this 24 bit technology is being used to map your face with 15 key biometric points. PennDOT, with the blessing of Governor Rendell, has been quietly shipping this biometric data to a company called LS2 in New York State . LS2 has a contract to collect this data and it will be sent to the new underground FBI biometric data center in Clarksburg , WV .

(see link to Washington Post article) .

. . . It is illegal to collect your DNA or fingerprint information without a warrant or arrest, but Governor Rendell’s position has been that there is no PA Statute governing the collection facial biometric data, so he is thumbing his nose at the law. And ALL of this is being promoted by Michael Chertoff, DHS Director, who has a financial stake in a company that assists states in the Real ID Act implementation."


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