Thursday, March 20, 2008

McCain in the Holyland on an unholy misson.

AP reports:

"SDEROT, Israel - Touring a war-battered town, Sen. John McCain said yesterday that he understood Israel's tough response to Palestinian rocket fire, adding that there was no point in negotiating with the Gaza Strip's Islamic Hamas regime. . . 'That is not a way for people to live,' McCain said. 'No nation in the world can be attacked incessantly and have its population killed and intimidated without responding. That's one of the first obligations of government, to provide security for its citizens.'"

Yeah right, how many Israelis have been killed from rockets shot from Gaza in the past three years -- 12 -- 13? Meanwhile, in the past month or so more than 130 Gazans have been killed by Israel's heavyhanded response to those rockets, half of whom, according to B'Tselem, were civilians. There's no telling how many Gazans have died from lack of medical care, food, clean water, electricity, all of which are in short supply due to Israel's blockade.

A UN report complied by a number of aid agencies says the situation in Gaza today is the worst since 1967.

MSN reports:

"Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip has created the worst humanitarian crisis since its occupation began in 1967, a human-rights coalition said Thursday. Food shortages, crumbling health services and a water and sewage system close to collapse are all part of the daily misery facing 1.5 million Palestinians in Hamas-controlled Gaza, a scathing report by British relief groups said. . . The report painted a picture of an enclave held hostage by the embargo, which it said had worsened poverty, crippled education services and made 1.1 million people -- 80 percent of the population -- dependent on food aid. That compares to 63 percent in 2006. The groups said that hospitals are suffering from power cuts of up to 12 hours a day while almost 18 percent of patients seeking emergency treatment outside Gaza last year were refused permits to leave. "

Now, that's no way for people to live!

But McCain isn't there to make peace, he's there to make sure he's got the American Likud vote.


"Although McCain did not visit Palestinian areas, Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said the Arizona senator had always been accessible to the Palestinians and was 'committed to peace.' But he suggested that McCain's visit was aimed more at attracting Jewish voters than promoting peace negotiations. 'Maybe one day Palestinians will have money for your campaigns in the United States,' he said."

I know a lot of Palestinians who have money, but why would they give it to any Republican. Not that Hillary or Obama is much better, but under either of them Palestinians can probably rest assured they don't have to worry to much about being sent to Gitmo in the middle of the night.

McCain says: "I think the Palestinian people desire peace. I believe they deserve peace."

Sure, John, you mean you hope they rest in peace.


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