Monday, June 12, 2006

Gitmo disgrace.

Gosh, one wonders what it's going to take to get the US to close down Gitmo. There have been hundreds of hunger strikes, numerous suicide attempts and now three deaths. The Germans, the Danes, the UN and even our good friends the Brits think the prison is a disgrace, but Tony Snow says that as much as W. would like to close the place, "You can't have a final disposition about Guantánamo until the Supreme Court has ruled on the Hamdan case."

So, it's the Supreme Court's fault...Oh yeah, and the detainees themselves. The WaPo reports that Army Gen. Bantz J. Craddock, chief of the Southern Command, "compared the three suicides there over the weekend to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in that everyday objects were turned into weapons."

They're so damn clever, who would have thought they would have used planes as missiles to fly into buildings and now they're using bedsheets! See how diabolical they are? Navy Rear Admiral Harry Harris, the camp commander, characterized the suicides as "asymmetrical warfare," not desperation. Most humans would probably attempt suicide if they thought they would never have a chance of being released from a hell hole like Gitmo, but these al-Qaeda types are not exactly human, are they? They hate us for the way we live and will do anything to hurt us again like on 9/11, even use regular everyday objects to kill them selves, just to show us! Man, reason enough to keep these guys locked up forever. Just imagine what they'd do if they ever got lawyers or their day in court!

This is a whole new paradigm, pre-9/11 legal niceties like Habeas Corpus --- a basic protection against government overreach codified in 1215 --- are just not operable any more. And along with those outmoded liberal inspired legal doctrines, doctors are no longer required to do no harm. Now, they can assist in torture and forced feeding and psychologists have a green light to concoct great new ways to use prisoner's primal fears against them. What a proud day for the United States!

It is odd that out of the 460 we have locked up there, only 10 have been charged with being "enemy combatants" by W.'s kangaroo courts. Strangely enough, too, none of the dead men were any of them. The pentagon assures us, though, that they were really, really, bad guys. We can believe them, right? Isn't that what being an American is all about, blindly accepting the word of out leaders who know better than us? So they haven't been entirely truthful about a lot of things, only traitorous leakers and Democrats would allow two hundred years of democracy stand in the way of the Decider-in-Chief deciding what's best for us.


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