Monday, August 21, 2006

Israel has some nerve!

The WaPo reports:

"Israel on Sunday objected to including countries that do not have diplomatic relations with the Jewish state in the nascent peacekeeping force for Lebanon, even as a U.N. envoy said the Lebanese army had fielded only 3,000 troops, about one-fifth of the force it plans to enforce the cease-fire in the south. . . The list would include the Muslim countries of Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh, which are among the few nations that have pledged troops to the international force that is supposed to work with the Lebanese army to enforce the truce put in place after the five-week war."

Isn't this like the prisoner choosing his own prison guard or something? The international force is designed to keep Israel and Hezbollah from fighting eachother right? Since when does Israel get to decide who it will who it won't tolerate in this force?

Talk about hutzpuh!

That's ok, just keep delaying that force getting into Lebanon until we're ready...


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