Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Teddy Bear ready willing and able, to kick you ass!

It looks like things are going so well in the war against Lebanon that the IDF has changed commanders, for the "big push." The AP reports:

"In a sudden shake-up, Maj. Gen. Moshe Kaplinski was inserted over the head of Maj. Gen. Udi Adam, the commander of the northern front, as the senior battlefield officer. The appointment came Tuesday night, hours before Israel’s Security Cabinet approved a major expansion of the military operation in Lebanon. "

The idea is that the IDF better have something to show for all this death and desstruction before W. is dragged kicking and screaming into supporting a cease-fire. The Agonist reports the thinking like this: An Israeli government minister, Gideon Ezra, said at a meeting to discuss moving to the Litani river that:

"We should wait and continue the fighting. I estimate they can be broken down. Israel cannot belittle even one quarter of a rocket, not to mention hundreds and thousands. Even one rocket a week makes the entire north crazy. If we stop now, it's like we didn’t do a thing."

Now the gloves are really going to come but don't worry, Gen. Kaplinski, or "kaplin" for short" is known as a "charismatic teddy bear," and was one of Sharon's favorites. So you even though he will rain biblical revenge upon the Lebanese like nobodies busisnees, he'll do it like a teddy bear.

'Kaplin' was in the elite Golani brigade which was infamous in the first Intifada, for carrying out Yitzak Rabin's 'force, might, beatings' policy in the occupied territories. Since the Palestinians came out with children throwing stones the idea was to beat the crap out of them instead of shooting them outright; that came later.

David Hirst writes:

"The commander of the elite Givati brigade would order his soldiers to "break their [the rioters] legs so they won't be able to walk and break their hands so they can't throw stones. [jeruselem post 1989] The precitce become so institutionalized in another regiment, the Golani, that medical orderlies were instructed to be present at bone-breakings, considered 'educational' in purpose, so as to ensure that no 'irreversible medical damage was caused.' [haaretz 1 october 1990 shahak translations]"


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