Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Kill 'em all, in a manley way.

The WaPo reported on the 15 of this month:

"The number of alleged and substantiated violations by U.S. military recruiters increased by more than 50 percent in one year, a rise that may reflect growing pressure to meet wartime recruiting goals, according to a Government Accountability Office report released yesterday...the GAO found that about 20 percent of active-duty recruiters believe that irregularities -- such as coercion, concealing information that would disqualify a candidate and falsifying documents, among others -- occur frequently."

That would go a long way to explaning the case of Steven D. Green and his cohorts in the 502 Infantry Regiment 101 Airborne who are alleged to have killed a 14-year old girl in Mahmudiyah back in May. "That kid should have never ever been let in the military," says Nacy Hess, mother of Pfc. Jesse Spielman. "Goes to show you what kind of scum the military lets in. The recruiters will take anything with warm blood." [Newsweek]

Green got into the military on a so called "moral character waiver." Apparently, a criminal background is no longer an impediment ot joining the Army, but if you're gay you can forget it! Sure Steven Green was in trouble all the time and really wanted to get to Iraq to 'kill them all" but he wasn't a fag!


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