Saturday, August 26, 2006

US arrests man for showing Al-Manar in NYC:

I found this little piece of information in the fourteenth paragraph of an AP story about Hezbollah's TV network al-Manar. "On Wednesday a Pakistani businessman in New York was arrested and charged with providing satellite broadcasts of Al-Manar to his customers."

Since when is it a crime in this country to show or watch a satellite channel from any where in the world? I understand that the US government considers Hezbollah to be a terrorist organization, no doubt it is, but it's now a crime to watch their TV station? Who knew? What other things are we not allowed to watch or read anymore?

I thought that in countries like Iran and Cuba the government put people behind bars for watching proscribed foreign broadcasts, not in the United States. I guess we really can't condemn Fidel for locking Cubans up for watching TV Marti or listening to Radio Marti anymore can we? (As if any of them do.)


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