Friday, November 24, 2006

Miami Dolphins on the way to the playoffs?

It looks like my Miami Dolphins have finally woken up, a bit too late perhaps . . . but you never know. We're on a four game winning streak, now at 5-6, and we're right in the thick of things again. The way things are going this year in the AFC East, there’s a good chance 10-6 could just get the job done. The Bills suck and the Jets are stinking the joint up, having just gotten shut out by the Bears -- a team we beat in Chi-town 31-10. Now all we have to do is beat Jacksonville and New England in Miami and keep on winning and we're in like flint. No problem!

OK, admittedly, this whole Dolphins-in-the-play-offs scenario may be just slightly overly optimistic, but if Jason Taylor has anything to say about it, it can be done. Yesterday, the Dolphin D really showed the rest of the league what they're all about. They rung up 8 sacks, held Detroit to 21 years rushing, forced a fumble and had an interception (a quiet day for Taylor & Co.). On the offensive side, Harrington threw for 3 touchdowns the running game rang up 151 yards rushing. True, the Lions are mere kitty cats these days, but keep in mind that last week the Dolphins had minus rushing yardage and beat the Vikes pretty soundly. Now, you tell me how many times you're going to win a game having no rushing at all. I would say pretty much never, yet some how they pulled it off. [DEFENCE! DEFENCE! DEFENCE!]

If good Saint Nick can get those bums on the O-line to keep blocking like they have been -- which is a total shock, because they couldn't block sunlight for the first 7 games of the season -- then we've really got something going. As long as the offense can hold on to the ball for a reasonable amount of time and Harrington has the time to throw down field and avoid throwing any really bad interceptions -- which he has a bad habit of doing -- the D can do the rest (Just look at how fast they adjusted to shutting down that little run Kitna and Williams went on in the first quarter.)

We're back Jet's fans, so you can put those ugly-ass, gang-green colored jerseys back in the closet and start acting like you're Giants fans. It's over! See you on Christmas day, losers!


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