Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Philly neighborhood. The cat fries are yummy, come on down!

Here in Philly we're all about cheese steaks, people speaking English when they order them and. . . BBQ. BBQ? Well, not really, BBQ isn't exactly what people first think of when they hear the word "Philadelphia."

But when people in Philly hear the words "Port Richmond," besides immediately thinking of waves of teenage girls pushing baby strollers;, kids with their hats turned backwards yelling 'I just got arrested Yo;' they think of the Rib Ranch on E. Vanango Street.

They say they have the 'greatest ribs in the Northeast' and although that may sound like quite a boast, it happens to be true (from what I've been told.) But as great as the ribs might be, there's nothing like their side orders and appetizers! [And their grasp of the English language]

Just a sample from their great memu:

"Chicken Fingers (4 Pcs) tender filet of chicken breast lightly breaded and fried to a golden brour served with our fcannus mild or spicy bbq sauce. . .

Crispy Ranch Fries steak cat fries served golden burrito. . .

Crisp Cheese Fries steak cat fries, served golden brown, topped with wild cheddar cheese sauce. . .

Macaroni & Cheese a classic foucuise. . .

Onion Rings a generous portion of steak cut chicken bings fried to a golden brown. . ."

And don't forget the Ranch Burger # Dog:

"Ranch Dog 1/4 lb all beef chow broiled hot dog served on a fresh hearty italian roll includes four choice of ranch fives or baked potato.

So come to Port Richmond where the girls are pregnant early and the BBQ is "Secculent." Be sure not to miss the fcannus chicken bings!


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