Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pre and post 9/11 indiocy:

Gosh, after a 16-month investigation of these bozos in Cherry Hill, the Justice Department decides that yesterday was the best time to come out with the story. I wonder why?

Oh, I know why: Alberto "waterboard" Gonzales is testiying, as I write, in front of the House Judiciary Committee where he's going to be bombarded with tough questions he won't be able to remember the answers to. "'My feelings and recollections about this matter have not changed," he just told the committee.

Not to imply that this Justice Department would go ahead with a prosecution just for political avantage. Something tells me the US Attorney for New Jersey saw what happened to those 8 fired US Attorneys and thought this was just the perfect time to go public.

What a nice feather in Al's cap, though, to be able to say he thwarted a domestic terrorism plot. It wasn't much of one, just a couple of braggrds with a map of Fort Dix and a bunch of videos, but this is the nature of post 9/11 terrorism threats, I guess. Al-Qaeda 3.0, or in this situation, Al-Qlueless 3.0.

If it hadn't been for that alert Circuit City clerk, something might have happened at some point. If those guys had been able to purchase weapons form someone other than the paid informant and if they had been able to get a Fatwa from someone, there might have been trouble.

My question is; what is the difference between pre and post 9/11 terrorism plots? In the case of Mohammed Atta & Co., they also didn't exactly go about their business in the most stealthy way. Atta once abandonded a plane on the tarmac of Miami International Airport, got traffic tickets, got into altercations in bars, was learning to fly but not land . . . if the FBI had had computers that could search "flight" and "school" and if W. hadn't been on vacation and AG Ashcroft hadn't told his subordinate that he didn't want to hear anything about terrorism threats, maybe 9/11 wouldn't have happened.


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