Thursday, July 26, 2007

Al-Qaeda and the Iranians; the new axis of WMD. 9/11!!!

AP reports that Raymond Odierno says militants are getting better at shelling the "heavily fortified" Green Zone because of training provided by Iran.

Odinero says, "In the last three months we have seen a significant improvement in the capability of mortarmen and rocketeers to provide accurate fire into the Green Zone and other places. We think this is directly related to training conducted inside Iran."

Of course, that must be the reason! It couldn't be that among the 100,000 or so Iraqi soldiers L. Paul Bremer fired there could be a few who might have known how to use a rocket launcher or a mortar, right? I mean, to listen to the pentagon and the administration, al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) and the Iranians are under every bed. They're responsible for all the blunders this administration has made in Iraq since 2003 and they even made it rain on W.'s golf game at Camp David once.

Give me a break!

And what about all this "significant success" Odierno is talking about in Iraq? Seems to me common Baghdadis still can't even go out and celebrate a soccer victory without getting blown up. Oh, but Peter Pace was able to walk down a street in Ramadi -- under heavy guard, naturally - but then again US diplomats in the Green Zone have to go everywhere -- even to a restaurant -- hunkered down in their PPEs.

In Baghdad there are 30,000 US troops, and whatever the fantasy number of Iraqi troops is this week, and they still can't prevent the various Shiite and the Sunnis insurgents, or whatever we're calling this month, from shelling the Green Zone in the very heart of the capital of Iraq? And we're supposed to believe things are looking up?

And since the Sunnis are also taking part in the shelling, does that mean the Iranians are training them, too? That scenario makes for a strange alliance of bed fellows. Maybe OBL -- who W. says he doesn't think about much anymore -- is calling in the firing co-ordinates from North Waziristan, as well.

General Kevin Bergner said a week or so ago that since the capture of the highest ranking Iraqi AQI member on July 4th, the military has found out that, "There is a flow of strategic directions of prioritization, of messaging [Myspace?] and other guidance that comes from al-Qaeda senior leadership to the al-Qaeda in Iraq leadership." [AP]

If this is so, then shouldn't we be doing more to go after al-Qaeda Core (AQC) in Pakistan? If there's all this "strategic directions of prioritization" coming from OBL central, then wouldn't it make more sense to decapitate [Cheney's favorite word] the leadership there, instead of wasting our time going after these mere automatons in Iraq?


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