Friday, August 24, 2007

Meet the new war debate, same as the old war debate

I don't get all this hoopla surrounding the run-up to the big Petraeus/Crocker report to Congress on September 11th: The fix is already in, isn't it? None of this matters our troops aren't coming home, it's all just noise. There is no doubt that the soldiers we have there now will be staying their full 15 month deployments and in the spring there will be another 5000 arriving to continue the Surge (of course, by then they'll probably calling it something else) and it'll just keep going on until W. is safely out of office.

We've already been through this before: If you'll recall, last December, as the Baker/Hamilton report went to the top of the best seller list and two-thirds of the American people told pollsters they disagreed with the plan to send more troops to Iraq, there was a brief moment of hope where it seemed like there might be the slightest possibility that enough of W's Republican enablers in Congress might be persuaded by the overwhelming public resistance to the Surge to join with the Democrats to stop the "War President" from sending another 700 or 800 more US soldiers to their deaths to prop up Nuri al-Maliki and his Shiite killers. But then it was all gone in a flash: The transports were already in the air and the veneer of American Democracy just looked a little shabbier.

This time around, the White House is pulling the same crap, using all its powers of bully pulpit and a compliant media to make that bloody pig look like Marilyn Monroe. To listen to W tell it., the Surge is a slam dunk and if we pull out too soon we'll be making the same mistake we made in Vietnam. And instead of just laughing this bozo out of the White House, people who should know better, just sit there and think . . . 'Hmmm. . . let's analyze this: If we pull out now, Pol Pot is going to team up with Osama Bin Laden and tens of thousands of people will die' -- as if tens of thousands of people haven't already died and 4 million Iraqis aren't refugees and a third of the population isn't without access to food, shelter and clean water -- four years after "liberation."

And just to make sure all their bets are covered, zillionaire casino magnate Sheldon G. Adelson is teaming up with Ari Fleischer (the Truth Sayer) and a host of secret money-bags to launch a media blitz in order to keep wavering Republicans, who may be thinking 'this is just to absurd for even me to take,' from jumping the good ship USS Exxon-Mobil/Halliburton/Boeing.

What a crock (er)!


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