Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rummy doesn't know much, does he?

So, I see Rummy is back in the news, we haven't seen him around lately. I thought he might have grown a beard and moved to Argentina to hang out with all those other war criminals, but apparently, he's still around town. He testified in front of Henry Waxman's Committee on Oversight and Government Reform yesterday about the death of Pat Tillman and the cover up involving his dead in 2004.

Oh, pardon me, Rummy says, "It was badly handled, and errors were made, but . . . I know that I would not engage in a cover up." Right, if Rummy says there wasn't a cover up, you know there was a cover up." [WaPo]

The story nowadays about Tillman's death is that he was killed in a friendly fire incident, which differs from the original story that he died under friendly fire, which differs from the story documents the AP got. The AP found evidence that army doctors suspected he may have been murdered by three bullets to the head from only ten ft. away.

Not any of that matters, the point is who knew what and when did they know it? For his part even though he told his people to "keep an eye" Tillman,Rummy claims "I don't recall when I was told and I don't recall who told me."

Is it possible that Rummy couldn't have known what was going on right under his nose for so long, on an issue like this? My God, they gave went as far as to give this guy a Silver Star with a totally fabricated citation! And Rummy, like Sargent Schultz on Hogan's Hero's "Knows Noothink!.

It's entirely possible, I guess. I mean, back on August 6, 2002, Rummy held one of his most infamous Town Hall Meetings for the employees of the Pentagon where he extolled the accomplishments of the military one year after 9/11 etc. -- and then we found out he didn't know that the DC Metro actually runs underneath the Pentagon. [Possibly a security issue]

After telling his captive audience that, "Our enemies, without question, are sharpening their swords. They are plotting even greater destruction, let there be no doubt. To prevent that, we have to be stronger, more alert, quicker on our feet. . ."

He then took some questions. This was the very first one:

"Q: My name is Dennis Stephens (sp). I work for the Air Force in the Finance Department. I'm curious and concerned about what's going on here for us, the people that work in the Pentagon, as far as the security is going, and especially because the Metro runs right under our building.

Rumsfeld: Well, you are doing exactly what the president suggested, and that is that all of us go about our normal lives but have a heightened sense of awareness. And clearly you do.

I thought the Metro did not currently run under the building. Am I wrong? Is it currently under --

Not distinguishable: (Off mike.)

Rumsfeld: The answer's yes. Is that right?

Not distinguishable: Yes.

Rumsfeld: Yes. And I will talk to some folks who are involved in that, the chief and others who have set up, as you can see, around the department a whole host of new security activities. But I just was not aware that that's still happening, and I'll ask why.

Q: It goes right underneath the East Wing. In fact, I ride it every day.

Rumsfeld: I see. Fair -- are you looking around you when you're riding? (Laughter.)

Q: To be sure, sir.

Rumsfeld: (Laughs.) Thank you. I'll check.


As you see, Rummy didn't even know what was going on right under his nose at the Pentagon, so maybe he didn't know what was going on with Tillman, but the rest of those generals, those "men of enormous integrity" who he just knows "would not participate in something like that," they knew. How could they not have known?

Retired Gen. Richard Myers, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that great big blob of jelly fish, he blamed it on the Army. "This is the responsibility of the United States Army, not of the office of the chairman, so I regret that the Army did not do their duty here and follow their own policy."

Mistakes were made, they made themselves. Once again no is held responsible for anything. A man is dead, but Rummy and his generals are living quite comfortably, like the boys of Brazil, on their fat pensions.

Life is good for Rummy!


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