Thursday, November 29, 2007

David Horowitz and Hamas on the same page, at last.

It's good to see W.'s and Condi's peace gambit at Annapolis the other day has created a consensus between the opposing sides, of sorts, in the debate about the Arab/Israeli conflict.

In an urgent email from the desk of David Horowitz he states that he is not happy with this whole Annapolis thing. He writes:

"Secretary of State Rice has been out-Clintoning Bill Clinton by shuttling between capitals in the Middle East in an attempt to cut a piece of flesh from a frontline state in the war on terror. Once again, in a replay of what happened eight years ago, the U.S. hopes against hope that bribery and concessions will turn them Palestinian wolves into doves and that diplomacy will make them agree to live side by side with a state, Israel, they believe is inhabited by pigs and monkeys."

In order for Horowitz & Co. to fight these Islamo-fascists he's requesting a
"tax deductible donation of $50," or more, to combat the threat presented by Bush and Rice to Israeli.

On the other hand, from the Palestinian side we get this take from Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri:

Abbas has committed a crime by pledging to follow the road map . . . Resistance will continue against the occupation by all means. We have heard too many false promises . . . Bush has failed to deliver anything for the Palestinians during his presidency . . . He is completely biased towards Israel." [Reuters]

Now, if we could just get these two to sit down everything would work itself out.


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