Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama and Hillary misfire on guns again!

I just mention in passing that there was another mass shooting last Thursday at a school in Illinois. (What, does that make five in the last week; I've lost count?) This time a former student dressed in a black trenchcoat -- how passé -- emptied an arsenal of weapons into a class of 150 or so graduate students inside a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University in Decalb, Ill, killing 7, wounding 16 and then turning the gun on himself. A student who was in the lecture hall when the shooting began said, "This guy came from behind where the professor was speaking and began shooting. He shot, emptied out the gun, and nonchalantly began reloading." [AP]

The shooter, Steven Kazierczak, apparently had gone off his meds at some point and then bagan to plot the slaughter. As usual, Kazierczak was described by those who knew him as a good kid no one would have ever expected would do such a thing. The University's chief of public safety, Donald Grady, is quoted saying, "There were no red flags, it's unlikely that anyone could have the ability to stop an incident like this from beginning,"[AC] just like all the others.

Of course, there is the possiblilty that if he hadn't been able to amass such a cache of guns, his rampage might have been a lot less deadlier. Before the attack Kazierczak legally purchased two guns; a 12-guage shotgun and a 9mm Glock (if only Shirely Katz had been there!) from a gunshop in Champaign and the other two guns he brought to the party, a 9mm and a .38 caliber, are still being traced. Gun nuts always say that guns don't kill, people do; that a killer will always find a way to kill, but I think he would have had a much tougher time killing and wounding 22 people with a knife or a bow and arrow.

What's really interesting about this story is that the shooting took place just outside of Chicago, a city two of the three leading presidential hopefulls call home. Seems to me we haven't heard too much about all this murder and mayhem going on from Barack or Hillary. Hillary was all over the recall of 143 millon pounds of sketchy meat -- all the result, naturally, of a few bad apples at Westland/Hallmark Meat Co. of Chino Ca. -- she's got a plan, but nothing about a gun massacre in her own neighborhood.

Where are these two change agents on guns?

Here are their strong views on gun violence:


"I am deeply saddened by the senseless crime which took place yesterday at Northern Illinois University. My heart goes out to the victims and their loved ones. As a mother, I cannot begin to imagine the heartbreak and sadness wracking these families. They are in my prayers."

[Naturally, a mother is also concerned about American's Second Amendment rights being protected, I guess.]


"Michelle and I were heartbroken to learn about the terrible tragedy that occurred in DeKalb today, and our thoughts and our prayers are with the victims and their families. While the full details are still unclear, what is clear is that this kind of senseless violence must stop, and all of us have a responsibility to do what we can to stop it."

Right, but let's not go crazy or anything. What we can do "is to provide just some common-sense enforcement." [Obama on the issues]

I feel a lot of real change coming down the pike, don't you?


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