Monday, October 02, 2006

You're making me a little horney, you're making me sick:

Okay, at first I was just dealing with the shock of the news about Mark Foley, but now that I've read some of the stuff he wrote to these pages etc; I just have to say, 'eewww.' I think I'm feeling a little sick at this point.

Gosh, though, what a bad break for the GOP's chances for holding on to power in the House and Senate. First there's the NIE saying W. is delusional about Iraq, then there's Woodward's book saying he's in denial about Iraq, and before Tony Snowjob can even fire up the fog machine; here comes the charge that the top House leadership have known about Foley and his shenanigans since last year and did nothing. (Is the Catholic church in on this?) Dennis Hassert's lame excuse for all of this is. "Congressman Foley duped a lot of people. . . I have known him all the years he served in the House and he deceived me too." Obviously, duping Hassert isn't really that difficult, he's been falling for W.'s crap all this time, but this "I know nothink' Sgt. Schultz act isn't going to wash.

This ought to go down well in Middle America: Vote Republican, the Party that enables child molesters!

Looks like even the GOP faithful are jumping ship if is any indication. RS says,

"Let's use this opportunity to get rid of the leadership which fostered this behavior where adults look upon children as prey in the same way slaves were treated by their masters. Maybe Hillary Clinton was right: The House is being run like a plantation."

I totally agree and I think the current leadership will have plenty of time to work this all out while they flounder in the minority for at least the next two years.

Man if this is the way they run the Congress, no wonder Iraq is such a mess.

[Please, tell me Rick Santorum had something to do with this! Please, please. . .]


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