Thursday, March 22, 2007

Al Gore for president, again.

Boy, Al Gore looked very statesmanly, some might even say presidential, on Capital Hill yesterday, didn't he? He swooped right into those two hearings and vaquished all comers. Not that the competition was that stiff. I mean, making James Inhofe and Joe Barton look like the Neanderthals they are isn't really that difficult.

For me, the best moment was either, when Gore lectured Inhofe about reading science fiction novels instead of helping a child with a fever, or when Barbara Boxer picked up the gavel and told Inhofe to give Gore a chance to answer, telling him, "I get to do this now, not you. Elections have consquences."

Gore, though, is kind of reminding me of a song from that 60's TV show about another famous Tennesseean: "Daniel Boone was a man, yes a big man." He is big, isn't he? Too big to run for president? Maybe, but Eleanor Clift writes in the latest edition of Newsweek that:

"A leading indicator of his intentions could be Gore's waistline. The theory is that slimming down will be a signal he intends to run."

Hmmm . . . intriguing. This presidential season, so far, isn't too silly is it? Some dork puts Hillary's face in an Apple ad with her cast as Big Brother and everybody is having a fit. Who cares? It's actually kind of funny. Lighten up Hillary followers, it's only March of '07. Jeez!

My money is on Gore, though, he'd blow Hillary out of the water and make Obama look like the little kid in nickerbockers he really is. I fell really bad for John Edwards, though, I really like him. I don't thnk he has a chance in hell of getting the nomination in '08, however. Maybe down the road he'll have a shot, but he just has really bad luck. Being strattled with John Kerry as a running mate sure hasn't helped him any. (Man that had to hurt!)

I thought back then if Dean was going to be out of the picture then Edwards should have been the nominee, but the leading minds of the party said he was too young and didn't have the gravitas of a Kerry (gag!). Loose thinking like that is what made Karl Rove's job so easy. It's one thing to get Bush in after stealing the election, but to actually get him elected in his own right . . that takes some doing. And, guess what, the same bunch who made it all possible in 2004 are backing Hillary this time around. Can you say, 'wilkommen, aboard the Hindenburg?'


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